Thursday, July 2, 2009

I wish I was 6 today!

wondering if I can get away with playing in puddles ....... ")

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Coming Soon ~ Hand Crafted Soaps

Coming Soon to Pine Creek Boutique ~~
Hand Crafted Soaps ~~ Cold Processed soap that loves your skin!
Check back often for more details, descriptions and packaging. I have several varieties available Now in limited Quantities: Lilac, Lavender Mint, Citrus Silk, Lavender Bliss, Basic Unscented, Juniper Breeze, Rain Orchid, Rose Mist, Zen Garden, Tea Time~(green tea & cucumber), Open Window. Bars are approx. 5 oz each and very long lasting. Packaging and Labeling note: I am re-doing all the packaging and labeling for new soaps. The current packaging is limited to quantities on hand. To Place a Custom Order or ask any Questions, contact me though my Etsy Shop. Link is in the right hand margin of this page.

Open Window: 2 bars left

Combines Zen Garden on Bottom Half with Green Tea and Cucumber on Top Half. Zen Garden fragrance is predominant. Fragrance is soft, powdery, transcendentally calming .. soapy smelling.. (how does one describe a scent?) Anyway.. I love this one!

Citrus Silk:

Scent is soapy clean and refreshing! Blend of essential oils including citrus blends and mint in a Milk Base soap.

Rose Mist:

Very lightly scented with Rose fragrance oil.

Lavender Bliss:

Made with essential oils, calendula infused oil and calendula petals.

I can't tell you how awesome the house smells
when all the soap is curing! ")

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Handmade Baby Quilt - Finished ! ")

Finally put the last stitch in the binding earlier today. The pics are always the hard part for me.. I'm much better at quilting than taking the photos.. but.. here is a sneak peak before it goes up on Etsy. It truly must be "held in the hand" and "Put up against the cheek" to get the full effect. It's so totally soft! Perfect to wrap your little one in. It's destined to be the "go to" blankie of some very special infant or toddler... I can't wait to know that some sweet baby is being wrapped in it's softness! :) Be sure to click the images to get the real up close and personal on the fabrics..

Friday, June 12, 2009

Handmade Baby Quilt - Quilting in Progress

The latest project is a baby quilt. Soft flannels and cottons. Just a scrappy random arrangement for an old fashioned / retro feel. These are pics of just the top and some of the fabric close ups. The plan is for a very soft flannel used on the binding. The idea is for soft soft soft against a baby or toddlers sensitive skin. Each square is about 2-1/2" finished. This will be updated in a few days when I have finished.

(Click to View Larger Images)